Am I Getting A Good Value?

‘Value for money’ doesn’t mean cheap. Video production is expensive by nature. By hiring a production team, post production and other associated costs, things can add up! An expensive video isn’t expensive if it brings in, many times, its value of new or recurring business.

A video production company should help you feel more comfortable by educating you on cost, and provide suggestions to increase the overall cost-effectiveness. A cheap video not only looks cheap, but is a waste of money if it has zero impact on your bottom line. By creating a high quality video by an experienced professional, it will give a far greater impression to your customers.

How Do I Know Which Company To Trust?

This is really what it all comes down to. If you feel like you are working with professionals who understand what you’re trying to achieve, who possess the skills to deliver, then you know you’ve made the right choice!

How specialized is the company you are researching? Are they all across the board with different services and price points? Are they the cheapest? Companies that offer everything to everyone and aggressively compete on price have essentially commoditized their services, and are sold on the basis of price alone, not brand.

You don’t choose your video production company in the same way you choose your groceries, do you? We hope not! By shopping on price alone, you are opening your brand up to possible disappointment, misrepresentation, and a costly mistake.

You’re not just getting a video – you’re also getting the company’s creative and technical expertise, experience, and peace of mind knowing you’re working with a professional team that will handle your project with care, has your best interests in mind and will deliver reliably.

How Much Will My Video Cost?

This can be difficult to pin down unless all details of the project are clear. Even then, things can change. So it really depends on the project. If your story is best told using multiple cameras, an audio technician, and other dedicated crew over multiple shoot dates, it will likely cost a bit more. If your story can be captured with one camera during a half-day shoot, the budget will likely be far less. It all depends on the kind of content you want to have produced. High concept = high cost.

That’s not to say that getting your video produced can’t be affordable. If you’re looking to step up your website and social media content, for instance, a lot can be done in a day’s worth of shooting to produce excellent content, enough for multiple videos.

Do They Understand Video Marketing?

A video production company should be able to provide you with suggestions to help boost your video performance and improve audience reach. Do you already have a big following? Great! Your video should be tailored to your audience and platform so it maximizes engagement. Still building up your online presence? Many of us continue to do so, and consistency is key here. It takes time to build a following. By producing good, consistent content and marketing it appropriately, you will be on the right track.

The various social media outlets also have their own criteria for success. Respecting the context of the platform with your content is key in obtaining worthwhile results. A video production company should be able to advise you on the different platforms you use, and how to produce content that complements the context. If you haven’t picked up on it already, context is key here!

Are They Creative?

Video is a creative medium, so it makes sense to work with creative people. If you’re not sure, take a look at their past work. Does it draw your attention? We are trying to engage people after all, so see if you can find something that might speak to you, or your audience.

After listening carefully to what you need, they should be coming to you with ideas and concepts that will breathe life into the project. Creative input is always welcome – a good video production company will welcome your input and work with you to develop the right ideas.

These are just 5 important aspects to better understand Video Production. To learn more, or to grow your business with video, reach out today: Contact us here.

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