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Before they were The Bruckman’s, Nick and Amanda met on a collaborative project at Buffalo State back in 2012, where she was finishing up her studies in marketing and communications. As fate would have it, Nick moved back to Buffalo just weeks before, where he had achieved certifications in the exact audio engineering tools she was struggling with. After his brother linked them up, Nick agreed to spend the afternoon on campus and help her complete her final project. Their first production received an “A” and they have been connected ever since. 

Amanda went on to work as an integrated marketing specialist in 2012, and Nick launched Bruckman Media in 2015. Their career paths started out in two separate directions, but naturally came together in 2019, when Amanda joined Nick full time. 

The Bruckman’s have very different skill sets, but the magic happens when they work together. Amanda has an ability to see the big picture. She has the capacity to build and manage the many moving pieces and parts of a marketing strategy. Nick is the master of details and execution, very thoughtfully bringing ideas and concepts to life. Together, they build relationships with small businesses in their community, and have a lot of fun coming up with creative and strategic plans for growth.

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